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Custom-Tailored Cellular Assay Services

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Custom-tailored cellular assay services can be used to address specific questions of customers by using ProQinase’s comprehensive experience in the field of cancer related cell-based assays.

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Typical Examples of Custom-Tailored Projects:


Kind of Service

Purpose of the Service

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Generation of Stable Cell Lines

To generate labelled cells (e.g. with luciferase or GFP) or cells with gene knock-in or knock-out


Establishing of Novel Cellular Phosphorylation Assays

To establish a cellular phosphorylation assay which is not yet available at ProQinase


Establishing of Novel Cellular Phenotypic Assays

To establish functional cellular assays (e.g. proliferation assays) for cell lines not yet available in ProQinase’s panel

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Project Proposal

A detailed project proposal will be elaborated and provided to the customer


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