ProQinase Cancer Drug Discovery Platform

ProQinase is a leading contract research organization (CRO) for drug discovery in oncology. Our comprehensive platform of products and services includes several hundred recombinant target proteins, a multitude of sophisticated biochemical and cell-based assays and a wide variety of in vivo tumor models in mice. As protein kinases are our major research interest since many years it does not come as a surprise that our products and biochemical assays focus on this important target group. In contrast, most of our cellular assays and in vivo models are designed to address also non-kinase targets. Latest addition to our portfolio is our steadily growing in vivo immuno-oncology platform with syngeneic tumor models and flow cytometric analysis.

In case our preclinical testing services or products described on the following pages do not meet your requirements perfectly we would like to encourage you to contact us. Based on our knowledge and experience we will find a custom-tailored solution to support your cancer drug discovery projects.

ProQinase can even be your partner for Integrated Drug Discovery (IDD) service projects. We have the experience and know-how to perform complete cancer drug discovery projects from compound synthesis & modification to proof of concept in mice in cooperation with our renowned chemistry partners NovAliX, France, and Mercachem, The Netherlands. Contact us!


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29-May-2019 Next meetings

We would be delighted to meet you on one of the following scientific conferences: • 20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit , Berlin, Germany | June 11-12 • World PreClinical Congress , Boston, MA, USA | June 17-21 • SLAS Europe 2019 , Barcelona, Spain | June 26-28...


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