No. 1 CRO for Kinase Drug Discovery

Reaction Biology together with ProQinase offers the most comprehensive service platform for kinase inhibitor discovery in industry. Read more on how to use our kinase inhibitor discovery platform to perform cutting edge research here

- Enzymatic kinase screening – a total of 730 human kinase activity assays to choose from

- Assay development

- Target engagement in intact cells

- Cellular phosphorylation assays

- Kinase-driven tumor models

- Affinity and kinetics

- Mode of action analysis

- Recombinant kinase production


Our team of kinase specialists will be happy to support you in every step of your drug discovery project – as an integrated partner, in a customized study or for the selection of the most suitable off-the-shelf assay. Talk to us about your drug discovery project today.

Your Reaction Biology and ProQinase team.

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