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Drug Discovery in Oncology

ProQinase is a leading contract research company for cancer drug discovery. The company has a long-standing scientific experience in cancer research with a focus on protein kinases and tumor angiogenesis.

Currently 291 in-house produced catalytically active protein kinases, 11 lipid kinases and 14 kinase substrates are offered for sale. Furthermore, 404 protein kinases and 13 lipid kinases are available for biochemical kinase assay services (HTS, selectivity profiling and IC50 determination).

Hits derived from biochemical kinase assays can be further characterized at ProQinase in cell-based, target-specific phosphorylation assays and in various functional cell-based assays like migration assays, proliferation assays, soft agar assays, and angiogenesis assays.

ProQinase’s portfolio of preclinical services is completed by in vivo testing services including subcutaneous tumor models (xenograft tumor models), orthotopic tumor models with in vivo and ex vivo bioluminescence analysis and a unique in vivo angiogenesis assay.

In addition, ProQinase provides custom-tailored solutions of preclinical services as support for cancer drug discovery projects.

Learn more about our animal testing platform and listen to our talk about tools to study immune checkpoint therapeutics at the Tumor Models Meeting in Boston, July 21-23, 2015, MA, USA

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Biochemical Screening
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