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Field of Application

The KinaseFinder is a standardized service package for the identification of protein kinases which can phosphorylate a peptide or protein of interest provided by our customer. Kinase hits, which were identified with the standard package, should subsequently be confirmed in a second experiment. The KinaseFinder is ideal for the elucidation of physiological pathways with involvement of protein kinases.

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Types of KinaseFinder


Type of KinaseFinder

No of Protein Kinases

List of Kinases


Tyr protein kinases



Ser/Thr protein kinases



Ser/Thr & Tyr protein kinases


Infos in Brief

Assay Technologies

Analysis of proteins: radiometric filter binding assay; analysis of peptides: radiometric assay with Streptavidin FlashPlates™ (PerkinElmer)

ATP conc

1 μM for all kinases

Testing Formats

Hit identification: 1 data point for each kinase Hit confirmation: 3 substrate conc in triplicate

Substrate Submission

Proteins: as stock solution; peptides: as biotinylated molecules; please, request guidelines


Detailed report for each project

Turnaround Time

Routinely within 10 working days

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Guidelines for Cpd Submission

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