Biochemical Assay Services

Kinase Wildtype-Profiler & Kinase 410-Profiler

Field of Application

The Kinase Wildtype-Profiler and the Kinase 410-Profiler are standardized service packages which can be used for the characterization of your test compounds in broad panels of biochemical kinase activity assays with two  data points for each enzyme.

Our Service

Two Types of Standardized Services-Packages for Cpd Selectivity Profiling


Type of Profiler

Number of Kinases


List of Kinases




wildtype forms of protein kinases




410 different kinases, including 79 disease relevant kinases & 13 lipid kinases

Infos in Brief

Slots 2017

Testing will start on:
August 07  //  September 04  //  October 09  //  November 06  //  December 11
2018: January 08 // February 12 

Assay Technologies

Protein kinases: FlashPlate™-based radiometric assay; lipid kinases: ADP-Glo™ assay technology (Promega)

ATP conc

App. ATP-Km for each kinase

Testing Modes

1 conc in duplicate or 2 conc in singlicate

Cpd Submission

100 x Stock solution in 100 % DMSO or pre-weighed powder (request guidelines)


Detailed report for each project

Turnaround Time

Routinely within 10 business days

Info Sheets

Method: Radiometric Assay, Method: ADP-Glo™ Assay