Biochemical Assay Services


Field of Application

The HitDetector service can be used to identify chemical structures which can serve as a starting point for a drug discovery program. The service package comprises biochemical testing of a drug-like small molecule library at one concentration in singlicate against a protein kinase of your choice selected from ProQinase’s protein kinase panel.

Info in Brief

Source of Library

Commercial library provider

Number of Cpds


Quality of Library

Evaluated by a highly experienced medicinal chemist

Range of MW of Cpds

200 – 500

Drug-likeness of Cpds

Complies with Lipinski’s rule of 5

Patentability of Cpds

Checked at library synthesis


The customer receives a file with all 25,000 chemical structures and the screening results

From Hit to Lead

ProQinase offers partnership with first-class chemistry partners:

Mercachem, The Netherlands (

NovAliX, France (

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