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Custom-Tailored Biochemical Assay Services

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Custom-tailored biochemical assay services can be used to address specific questions of customers by using ProQinase’s comprehensive experience in the field of biochemical kinase assays.

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Biochemical ATP-Competition Assay

To provide information whether a test cpd shows an ATP competitive mode of action


Kinase Activation Assays

To develop kinase cascade activity assays which include activation steps for one or two kinases, e.g. for MAPK cascades



Info in Brief

Assay Technology

Radiometric FlashPlateTM Assay

Principle of ATP-Competition Assay

IC50 of test cpd is determined at 5 different ATP conc

Available Tools for Activation Assays

32 Proteins of different activation status from various MAPK cascades & many other protein kinases