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Press Releases Archive

Korea, Germany, Netherlands, January 24, 2020

Bionetix, ProQinase, and MercachemSyncom announce a joint research project from target Identification to clinical study

Malvern (USA) and Beijing (China), February 1, 2019

Completion of a stock swap transaction whereby RBC has acquired all the shares of ProQinase GmbH.

Freiburg, April 10, 2013

A new EU-funded industry-academia drug discovery partnership targets challenging kinases.

Reutlingen and Freiburg, September 14, 2009

German research alliance BioTag to develop new biomarker screens to measure tumor response to innovative protein kinase inhibitors.

Munich and Freiburg, May 7, 2008

Crelux and ProQinase establish joint crystal-grade kinse protein and structures platform.

Freiburg, February 2007

ProQinase will identify novel biomarkers for anti-tumor therapies as member of the EU-research consortium "ANGIOTARGETING".

San Diego and Freiburg, November 7, 2005

ChemDiv, Inc. and ProQinase GmbH to Partner in Lead Discovery and Preclinical Development in Oncology.

Duesseldorf and Freiburg, July 18, 2005

ProQinase and University of Duesseldorf receive BMBF-Grant for German-Chinese Research Project for the discovery of novel drugs for the treatment of cancer.

Martinsried/Munich, Freiburg and Reutlingen, June 17, 2005

MorphoSys Antibodies by Design, ProQinase and Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) receive BMBF-promotion for Kinome-project.

Freiburg, October 2004

ProQinase participates in EU FP6 Research Program „Protein Kinases – Novel Drug Targets of Post Genomic Era".

Martinsried and Freiburg, Germany, April 28, 2003

4SC and ProQinase collaborate on the discovery of new protein kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment.

Freiburg, Germany, January 23, 2003

ProQinase receives "Freiburg Innovation Award 2002" for its Integrated Technology Platform Protein Kinases.