Proqinase Company



Christoph Schächtele

Christoph Schächtele, PhD, CEO

Christoph Schächtele studied biology and chemistry and holds a PhD in biology. Following his university education, he worked for 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry at Gödecke AG, Freiburg, the German subsidiary of Parke-Davis. Since that time his scientific focus is on the development of protein kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment. In 1993 he moved to the newly opened Tumor Biology Center Freiburg, Germany, where he worked as department head until 2001. In 2001 he founded ProQinase GmbH as an affiliate of the Tumor Biology Center Freiburg. For more than 15 years he acts now as CEO of this life sciences service provider for cancer drug discovery. Christoph Schächtele is co-author of about 80 publications and co-inventor of 20 patent applications.


Roland Huber

Roland Huber, PhD, Co-CEO

Roland Huber brings a strong strategic business development and investment strategy expertise to ProQinase. He has been involved throughout his career with numerous companies in highly diverse areas as real estate, construction, investment and health care. In addition to his activities within ChinaEquity Group and ProQinase, he is major shareholder, board member and member of the top management of the Swiss construction Falcone Bau Services AG, Switzerland, and he is a co-owner and in the management of the trading fund management company Touchdown Investment Solutions GmbH, Switzerland. Roland Huber graduated at and obtained a PhD from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

PhD, Head of Biochemical Drug Discovery & Head of Drug Development

Michael Kubbutat

Michael Kubbutat, PhD, Head of Biochemical Drug Discovery & Head of Drug Development

Michael Kubbutat studied biology and cell biology, and obtained his PhD at the Research Center Borstel, Germany. In 1994, Michael Kubbutat started post-doctoral studies at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (London, UK) in the group of Prof. Karen Vousden. Together with the group of Prof. Vousden he moved in 1995 to the National Cancer Institute, Frederick, USA. In 1999 he joined the Tumor Biology Center Freiburg, Germany first as a group leader (Molecular Cell Biology), and later as Head of the Target Identification & Validation Department. In 2001 he joined ProQinase as Head of R&D. Since 2010, Michael Kubbutat is Head of Biochemical Drug Discovery & Head of Drug Development at ProQinase.

PhD, Head of Cellular Drug Discovery

Jan Ehlert

Jan Ehlert, PhD, Head of Cellular Drug Discovery

Jan Erik Ehlert is cell biologist by training and has gained his PhD at the Research Center Borstel, Germany, in the field of chemokine biology in innate immunology. During his Postdoc studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, he extended his scientific focus on the relevance of angiogenesis in lung cancer. In the year 2001, Jan Ehlert joined ProQinase as group leader in the field of target identification and validation in cancer biology. Since 2010, he is member of the management team at ProQinase as Head of the Department of Cellular Drug Discovery. His team is specialized on cellular assay systems in oncology, cellular screening and 3D assay systems. Jan Ehlert is co-inventor in several patents on compound classes issued to treat kinase-related cancer diseases.

PhD, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology

Holger Weber

Holger Weber, PhD, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology

Holger Weber studied biology and obtained his PhD at the Max-Planck Institute for Immunobiology in Freiburg, Germany. In 2001 he joined the research group of Prof. Augustin at the Tumor Biology Center, Freiburg. The scientific focus and interest during that time was the field of angiogenesis, first as a Post-Doc, later as a group leader. In 2007 he left basic research and started to work at ProQinase as a group leader in the Department of Cellular Drug Discovery. Since 2014, Holger Weber is Head of In Vivo Pharmacology at ProQinase.

PhD, Head of Sales

Karin Weindel

Karin Weindel, PhD, Head of Sales

Karin Weindel studied biology with focus on molecular and cell biology. Fascinated by the vast possibilities to fight cancer which were opened by new insights in the mechanism of tumor angiogenesis, she decided to work in this field and did her doctoral thesis within a joint research project “Tumor Development and Defense against Tumors” of Albert-Ludwigs- University Freiburg (Germany) and Gödecke AG (German subsidiary of Parke Davis). She further pursued tumor angiogenesis research at the Tumor Biology Center Freiburg (Germany) during her post-doctoral studies. Then, in 2003, after some time of parental leave, Karin Weindel joined ProQinase and started to work as Sales Manager. Since 2011 she is Head of ProQinase´s Sales and Business Development team as well as part of ProQinase´s management. Her work is driven by the wish to help patients and to support our clients´ efforts to develop therapies against cancer.