Proqinase Company



Be a leading company for the preclinical development of protein kinase inhibitors based on an integrated protein kinase technology platform.


ProQinase GmbH was founded in 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of the Tumor Biology Center Freiburg, which is one of the largest privately owned hospitals of this type in Europe. ProQinase has been growing steadily over the past years. It has meanwhile a personal of 33 and offers its Integrated Protein Kinase Technology Platform, which is uniquely designed for drug development targeting protein kinases in cancer. It features the complete preclinical drug discovery cycle and even, due to ProQinase’s affiliation, rapid access to clinical trials in the private cancer hospital.

Products & Services

ProQinase's Integrated Protein Kinase Technology Platform comprise a broad collection of products and preclinical services including one of the largest commercially available portfolios of recombinant protein kinases. These are not only sold directly or through partners worldwide, they are also used for our high throughput screening (HTS) and selectivity profiling services. Due to ProQinase’s 33PanQinase® Assay and advanced equipment all screening services have short response times and significant capacities in the range of 30,000 data points per day. Cellular and in vivo test systemsare additional services offerd by ProQinase.

Experience and Success

Today ProQinase offers all parts of its Integrated Protein Kinase Technology Platform to customers worldwide. Some of these were used in the past for the successful co-development of a novel angiogenesis inhibitor (PTK787/ZK222584) with Novartis AG Pharma and Schering AG.

Business and Deals

17 of the 20 largest pharma companies (year 2014) are among our customers.

We are offering

  • frame work contracts for the service business
  • standard discounts based on the yearly turnover


Our team of internationally trained scientists owns more than 20 years of scientific expertise in drug development as well as protein kinase and signal transduction research, coming both from the industrial and academic area. We believe this makes us a qualified and reliable partner for drug discovery and development in the area of targeting protein kinases to fight human diseases.