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Free Choice Kinase Assay Projects Kinase Wildtype-Profiler & Kinase 410-Profiler
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 Free Choice Kinase Assay Projects

ProQinase’s biochemical free choice service for kinase activity assays is highly flexible addressing your needs on kinase screening. For each kinase screening you may freely choose (i) the number of test compounds, (ii) the kinase panel (out of currently 413 active protein kinases and 13 lipid kinases) and (iii) the number of data points for each test compound (i.e. concentrations and number of replicates) in this kinase activity assay service.


 Kinase Wildtype-Profiler & Kinase 410-Profiler

The Kinase Wildtype-Profiler is a standardized service package which allows kinase profiling of your test samples against a panel of 320 wildtype protein kinases. The 410-Profiler is an even more comprehensive standardized profiling service package including more than 70 disease-relevant protein kinase mutants and 13 lipid kinases.

 Kinase MutantProfiler

With our 6 standardized service packages Kinase MutantProfiler IC50 values will be determined for your compounds by testing the sample at 10 different concentrations in a kinase activity assay against the wild type form and various mutants of the corresponding kinase. These service packages of kinase activity assays are available for ABL1, ALK, EGF-R, KIT, MET and RET.

 KinaseFinder & Kinase SubstrateFinder

The KinaseFinder and the Kinase SubstrateFinder are standardized service packages that allow (i) to identify protein kinases that phosphorylate a protein or peptide of interest, or (ii) the identification of protein kinase substrates for biochemical kinase activity assays


The HitDetector is a biochemical service package which provides you with a starting point for your protein kinase drug discovery project. The service comprises testing of a small molecule library (25,000 cpds) against a protein kinase of your choice.

 Custom-Tailored Biochemical Assay Services
ProQinase offers custom-tailored biochemical assay services like e.g. the ATP-Competition Assay and Kinase Activation Assays.

More information about all of our services are available on request.

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